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Lucky Red Optima

optima-redLucky Red Optima Pipes

Guaranteed Protection for your Electrical & Telecommunications Wiring & Cabling Needs!



Lucky-Red-Optima-End-BellEnd Bell

PVC End Bells, Pipes used in concrete vault walls to provide a smooth, safe entrance to the conduit outside


Lucky-Red-Optima-Flexible-ConnectorFlexible Connector

These fittings provide flexibility for expansion and contraction in rigid tubing systems. Simply slide the tubing end into the fitting for a friction fit.


Lucky-Red-Optima-long-radius-elbowConduit Elbow – Long Radius

Long radius elbow size diameter up to 14″ and centerline radius thru 48″. Victaulic grooved ends, plain end, or belled socket end elbows available upon request.


Lucky-Red-Optima-short-radius-elbowShort Radius Elbow

Low Density and High Strength ; Excellent Corrosion Resistance ; Good resistance to high temperature; Excellent Bearing to cryogenic property


Lucky-Red-Optima-male-adapterMale Threaded Adapter

Male PVC adapters are for making easy slip to male pipe thread connections with PVC pipe.


Lucky-Red-Optima-coupling-redSocket / Coupling Red

Guaranteed Protection for your Electrical  & Telecommunications Wiring & Cabling Needs!


COUPLINGPVC Coupling 2″ (Red)

For use with PVC pipe; Used for in-line connections. PVC Primer & Glue required.


Lucky-Red-Optima-ClampPVC Clamp with Clip Nail

ThePVC Clamp clip features a masonary nail that just about hammers into anything. The plastic saddle clip comes to suit poly pipe irrigation


Lucky-Red-Optima-LocknutConduit Locknut

Designed to cut through protective coatings on boxes and enclosures to assure ground continuity.



utility-boxUtility Box

PVC utility box is use for electrical and communication wire fittings and moldings.



junction-boxJunction Box and Cover

An electrical junction box is a container for electrical connections, usually intended to conceal them from sight and deter tampering.